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Case Study

Unbound Wear

Industry : Apparel, Retail, e-Commerce

Business Challenge

Without a doubt, the ecommerce website is the new in-store display. To succeed in the highly competitive ecommerce landscape, it is absolutely essential for the design of a brand’s website to encapsulate its characteristics and qualities. Now more than ever, high-quality website design is a non-negotiable business asset in ecommerce. 

The company needed a new ecommerce website to sell their unique and stylish clothing. We helped the company create a platform that is user friendly and easy to find all of their products. We synchronized their inventory with a third-party distributor, enabling the company to store their product off-site and integrated it with cost-effective shipping options.

Challenges Faced

  1. Completing the project within a short time period
  2. To Design and develop the website targeting the international audience as well
  3. Creating a visual interface that builds trust within the audience
  4. Creating a design and experience that express its brand identity

How the business benefited through our Solution​

1. Branded Design And Easy Navigation

We developed a unique interface that can be easily navigated across the website based on the user’s needs. Each and every category have a unique page to display its relevant products. 

Adding a bottom navigation bar in the mobile interface makes the website unique and it helps users to navigate easily across the products and pages on the website.

2. Progressive Web App Functionality​​

This makes the website similar to a Mobile App where users can download the website to the home page and use it as a mobile app. Having the Botton Navigation Bar helps the users if they use it as a Progressive Web App

3. No Commissions​

Currently, multi-vendor platforms are charging more than 20% of your revenue. They reduce the commission before depositing the balance as a pre-payment. By having their own website, they  no longer have to pay commissions to a third party. As a result, he can attract more customers to the property with frequent and lucrative offers and discounts that give their prices a competitive advantage over other retail fashion stores.

4. Flexibility For Customers​

Potential Customers and Guests got the flexibility of looking for the products they offer at one single place. Previously the potential customers had to scroll through the Facebook to find the products that they had to offer and what are the latest offers and discounts. Now they have access to the product catalog 24*7*365.  Now they have the functionality of paying thier products through a credit card because of the online payment integration functionalities

5. A Platform To Give Special Offers & Discounts​

A survey was conducted by us to find out how many are tempted to shop discounts and suprisingly, we found out that more than 85% of the customers love to buy clothes and fashion accessories when brands offer discounts. And it revealed that most of the people are tempted by offers and discounts even if they do not have plans for any purchasing. This data shows the importance of giving discounts and special offers and the value it adds to a retail ecommerce company. Our delivery included a special section for special offers and backend functionality to generate special coupon codes.

6. Mobile App To Track Everything​

We synchronized them a third-party mobile app where they can manage inventory, add/edit/delete products, receive real-time alerts and Notifications of the orders in addition to the emails you get, shipping, returns to even the smallest functionalities can be done ON-THE-GO. We hope everyone reading this case study, might know how valuable a mobile app with such functionalities is for an e-commerce store owner/manager/employee.

7. Easily Accessible Dashboard​

The Dashboard that we provided to them was very clear and easily manageable and can navigate through sections very easily. We included all the important features and functionalities that they should want to change from time-to time. We integrated the Google Analytics as well in addition to the Store Analytics so that they have a clear set of data to work with their marketing campaigns.

8. Cross-Selling & Up Selling​

Cross Selling : Unbound is selling different categories of products. So by adding this functionality, they have the ability to cross-sell products at a discount that are in line with the product that he has added to his cart. 

UpSelling : We have developed the functionality of up-selling where they can give discounts if they buy more from the same product/sub-category.

9. A Database Of Customers For Remarketing​

Unbound Wear now has a proper database of their past customers’ invoice values and the dates they occupied the property all in one place. No more handwritten records or misplaced documents. Using this database, they can send emails to previous customers offering them a special discount with a coupon code during the off-peak. It builds between the hotel and the customers.

10. Social Media Network Integration​

We integrated the social media channels of the property with the website so that they have the facility of remarketing. For example, the owner can promote an ad specifically to the people who have visited their website as they are the customers who could make a booking in the near future. It’s a great feature that allows the hotel owner to get the maximum advantage from every marketing channel they use.

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